Easy ordering

·         No hold time

·         2 -3 minute to place an order

·         Save your unfinished orders in progress – saves as you go (?)

·         Schedule follow-up exams

·         Easy order review before sending

·         Accuracy


·         Direct access to acct mgr

·         All training, resources, etc avail online – up-to-the-minute updated

·         Easily coodinate/verify exams between care team members/shifts



·         Immediate access to Management and Utilization Reports for Quality Assurance

·         User Access Management – system administration – security

·         Opportunity to see exam orders to potentially bundle – scheduling - timing

·         Time savings ordering results in better patient care

·         Patient History/Results available at your fingertips


Benefits to Physicians/Nurse Practitioners

·         Get results without waiting

·         View images in-concurrence with results (personally not radiologist)

·         (two logins currently – one for facility one for ordering physician at other facilities) one stop shop for providers for results, dr signature letters to sign off on – consolidate orders by physicians/NPs

·         Digital signatures for CMS required docs (dr sig letters)